mamazine.com is an online magazine focused on the real-life stories of mamahood. For more details about our mission, read our mamafesto .

We publish columns, poetry, features, which may include creative nonfiction, personal essays, or interviews and profiles of mamas, feminists, or others on the topic, and mama-friendly photos or photos of artwork. Please review our Submission Guidelines for more details.

submission guidelines

The kind of writing we DO want:
  • Offers a fresh look at everyday mamahood.
  • Asks compelling questions about work, family, society, and old and new conventions of mamahood.
  • Has a unique personal voice and is well crafted.
  • Comes from a feminist perspective.
  • Deals with stuff you're afraid to read to your mother or your mothers' group.
  • Reflects diverse experiences.

The kind of writing we DON'T want:
  • Touts a "right" way of doing things or breeds guilt or negativity about each mama's choices.
  • Could be printed in a mainstream parenting publication.
  • Is the sentimental kind.
  • Anything categorized as erotica.
  • Ends all neat and tidy (and ever-hopeful).

A few ideas of topics we'd love to see explored:
  • Write about a time you judged another mama. Consider why you did. Take it beyond the moment and consider the cultural contexts. What made you judge? Where do you get your ideas of good mamas/bad mothers?
  • Analyze an advertisement, television show, movie, song, website, blog, or book that depicts mothers. What values are implicit in that representation of mothers? What's your reaction to it?
  • Explore something you feel conflicted about: letting your kids watch TV, the choice you made about where to send your child to kindergarten, attachment parenting, making time for yourself.

submission formats:
Articles, poetry, and photos MUST be submitted via email. Acceptable formats for articles and poetry are: 1) .doc files attached to email OR 2) article or poems pasted in the body of an email.

  • If you have an idea for a mamazine.com column, send your finished piece or a comprehensive query (include clips or writing samples with queries) and a cover letter for our consideration.

  • Email your finished piece or a comprehensive query (include clips or writing samples with queries) and a cover letter.
  • Submissions should be 500-1,500 words and double-spaced.
  • Submit Features to: submit@mamazine.com

  • Submit up to five poems.
  • If you are submitting more than one poem, please include them all in ONE email, either as attachments or in the body of your email.
  • Submit Poetry to: poetry@mamazine.com

  • mamazine.com will consider mama-friendly photos or photos of artwork for our site. We prefer quirky or edgy or offbeat photography that makes a statement about everyday mamahood. However, we will not post photos just because your kid is sooooo cute (maybe our kids, but not yours).
  • Photos or photos of artwork must be:
  • No larger than 436(w) x 436(h) pixels and no smaller than 218(w) x 40(h) pixels.
  • The resolution should be at least 72 dpi.
  • Submit Photos/Artwork to: submit@mamazine.com

mama likes:
  • Have something in mind for mama likes? A blog or article or book or lipstick or pair of ridiculously cute high heels we just have to like? Submit your mama likes suggestions to: mamalikes@mamazine.com

We will try respond to all submissions within one to two months.

Simultaneous submissions are fine with us - just tell us right away if the piece is accepted elsewhere.

Unfortunately, we cannot pay writers at this time; however, the rights to your stories remain yours, and publication on mamazine.com will make great clips for your portfolio and a nice addition to your CV publication history.

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