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On the Coast
by Judy Halebsky

I forget how to measure with my hands
the length between the root cellar, the room at the back of the house, the
clothesline and the shore

I forget the dream fish, the tooth fairies, the angel's wings on me in the night

I forget how to nestle the worry
up into my lungs
tuck my memories into dark crevasses
with the tobacco and stale smoke

how I moved so far away, why I didn't study biology, where were the babies
when these weary bones could stay up all night
I try to remember
the dry texture of breadfruit in my mouth
the sand shifting into the shape of my body
our shadows in the night while I push you to push me
out into the water
that lasts forever
and then disappears

Judy Halebsky is from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her interests include visual poetry, Japanese calligraphy and holistic health. In May 2005, she created an interactive poetry instillation at the Oakland Museum of California as part of tthe Music for People and Thingamajigs Festival. Her writing has appeared in a number of journals including: eleven eleven {1111},:Grain Magazine and the New Delta Review. She currently lives in Sacramento and is a graduate student in performance studies at UC Davis.