( september, 2007 )

posted by Sheri
We like stuff, and sometimes we put that stuff here. >>read more
added on 2007-09-16 @ 08:06:05
posted by Sheri
Um, screw you, NOGGIN, and your Worldwide Day of Play crap. We need to get the house cleaned! >>read more
added on 2007-09-29 @ 11:00:59
posted by Amy
If one's first-grade child's homework requires one to listen to said child count up to the highest number she can count to... >>read more
added on 2007-09-25 @ 17:05:33
posted by Amy
Strep throat? Go away! >>read more
added on 2007-09-24 @ 19:47:14
posted by Sheri
If and when you find some freedom, will you be able handle it? [Photo by Tracey at Picture This] >>read more
added on 2007-09-20 @ 22:37:49
posted by Amy
What we're reading and watching online >>read more
added on 2007-09-17 @ 10:22:12
posted by Sheri
I made an iMovie instead of writing boring articles. >>read more
added on 2007-09-14 @ 11:40:55
posted by Amy

Josie: "I'm bored."

>>read more
added on 2007-09-12 @ 19:18:41
posted by Sheri
Babble just launched Emily Wagner's MOTHERHOODLUM series, but we won't say we told you so... >>read more
added on 2007-09-08 @ 08:59:59
posted by Amy
(Writes the auntie whose nephew is napping.) >>read more
added on 2007-09-07 @ 09:54:08
posted by Sheri
Nice t-shirt, baby (from Havins Originals)! >>read more
added on 2007-09-05 @ 22:31:40
posted by Sheri
Kids grow so fast. How is it that Baldo is in kindergarten? >>read more
added on 2007-09-04 @ 22:19:54
posted by Sheri
The 2008 Nikki McClure calendars are in! >>read more
added on 2007-09-02 @ 17:42:54

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