( december, 2007 )

posted by Sheri
2008 is going to be a big year in many ways. Amy and I wish you and yours the best season and the best in the New Year. We'll see you then! >>read more
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posted by Amy
added on 2007-12-21 @ 09:58:30
posted by Amy
I heart peppermint mochas and gazing at the Christmas tree. But not so much some of the other stuff. >>read more
added on 2007-12-17 @ 15:22:54
posted by Sheri
Not sure where I heard about The Small Object originally. But my Xmas package just arrived, and I'm in SMALL and AWESOME LUH-UV. >>read more
added on 2007-12-14 @ 11:08:59
posted by Sheri
Mamas, you are BEAUTIFUL. We have the winners of the Mama Focus photo contest. >>read more
added on 2007-12-09 @ 08:49:49
posted by Sheri
We have picked our contest winners and will officially announce them this Sunday. Stay tuned... >>read more
added on 2007-12-07 @ 23:23:37
posted by Sheri
"she was ridiculed…for writing a song that included her washing machine..." >>read more
added on 2007-12-03 @ 23:37:34
posted by Sheri
More art that speaks to my motherhood. >>read more
added on 2007-12-02 @ 21:07:23

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