( august, 2005 )

posted by Sheri
In this world there are stormy days and moths at night...
...and wild berries down low.

Nikki McClure intricately weaves parenting and nature into her prints in the same colorful and organic way that children (and storms and moths and flowers) weave into our lives and our world.

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posted by Amy
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posted by Amy
Over at Hello Josephine, weaning happens. At Finslippy, "sometimes even mamas make mistakes," to quote Judith Viorst. Check out these two brave, honest posts about mamas learning their limits. >>read more
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posted by Sheri
I recently read a great article in the September 2005 issue of Real Simple called "It's Never Too Late." The article covers the lives of five women, age 40 and up, who figured out that passion doesn't have an age limit. >>read more
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posted by Amy
Grrl is going on maternity leave, and while I'll miss her, I sure can't blame her for wanting to enjoy her new baby after her difficult journey to mamahood. >>read more
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posted by Amy
This mama likes MotherKind by Jayne Anne Phillips. >>read more
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posted by Sheri
Don't be the last one on the block without a mamazine.com T-shirt. We think one of these Ts would look great on YOU. >>read more
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posted by Sheri
Our Launch Party went off without a hitch and that's thanks to several amazing people behind the mamazine.com scene. >>read more
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posted by Sheri
Check out the recent review of our Launch Party. >>read more
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posted by Amy
Out in the blogosphere, people are talking about Ayelet Waldman's latest Salon.com column, "Mind Your Own Kids," in which she takes on the age-old subject of other people butting into another mama's childrearing practices. >>read more
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