Abortion, TV's Biggest Write-Off?
posted by Sheri

I'm a bit of a TV junkie or at least I seem to be watching a bunch of the same supposedly progressive shows that keep skirting the topic and reality of abortion. In her Village Voice article "Born Again," Rebecca Raber says everything that I've been thinking since Grey's Anatomy and now, assumably after last week's clichéd fall down the staircase, Desperate Housewives' convenient pregnancy write-offs.

Both of the newly knocked-up characters, Cristina with demanding career aspirations and a short affair with her boss and Gabrielle with the anti-mama gene and a husband who tampered with her birth control, would have been women that may have opted for an abortion (or at the VERY least weighed the option deeply) in reality. Sure, some women change their minds once pregnant, but where are all the women who choose abortions? Where are their stories? Their struggles?

And at the same time, it's lame that these shows keep these feisty women childless once writing in a pregnancy in the first place. If you're going to knock them up, have the guts to give the women a real (and legal) choice in the matter.

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