Henry Reviews Video Games
posted by Henry

Here's the latest from Henry, our resident video game tester and reviewer:

Zenses: Ocean for Nintendo DS is an "active relaxation" game. You might, like my brother did, start laughing at it when you see it, but it's actually really fun. It's very relaxing; the music takes all your stress away, and there are several games to choose from. However, the games are fairly limited in what you can do with them. They're fun, but they're not adventure games. [Mama's note: This made them possible for me to play without having to consult my resident video games experts every three minutes for help--a plus, in my view.]The ocean items in this game are very interesting. They include shells, starfish, and bubbles in the water. Like I said before, the music is great and the graphics are pretty darn good, also! Overall rating: 8.5

Zenses: Rainforest for Nintendo DS is similar in some ways to Zenses: Ocean, but there's a jungle theme and music which seems to have sounds from the jungle, like birds chirping. The graphics are good, and the games are fun. There's this one where you have to press buttons to turn the square over, and there are these purple balls in the square which you have to guide through a maze. This is a fairly decent game, one I play when I want to de-stress, get away from the world, or share with friends. Overall rating: 8.0

Finally, Build-A-Bear Workshop: A Friend for All Seasons for Wii sounds like a commercial disguised as a game. You'd think that when you start playing it, all you'd do is create bears and collect them, but there's actually a whole adventure involving going to different islands with mini games on them. There are four islands, one for each of the four seasons. You control your animal with your Wii remote (after you choose your animal). You can dress your animal and unlock new outfits by playing. I think it would be more enjoyable to play if we could use the nunchuk to move around, too. There are many more clothes and accessories for girl animals than for boys; it would be more fun if there were more choices for boy animals' clothes and accessories. Overall rating: 7.5