Giving Thanks
posted by Amy

I'm having trouble locating my thankfulness right now. My troubles are tiny: a kid with strep throat, a house to clean, dishes to cook for tomorrow, and (always) many loads of laundry to do. But tonight, it's raining, I'm tired, and I have a little boy who just needs my company when he doesn't feel good. I'll rise to it. But I'm feeling grumpy, you know?

But I am thankful I've got a husband who was able to take our sick kid to the doctor on a day when I had to teach, that we have health insurance and a prescription plan which meant we could afford this end-of-the-month expense, that life isn't quite as hand-to-mouth as in the past.

Right now though, it just seem like so many we know are facing big challenges like job losses and cancer and all kinds of awfully grown-up trouble. And oddly enough, this makes me thankful for, of all things, the blessing of being able to call to my dog and take him on a calming walk by the river.

Well, it's calming for me. Not so much for him; he careens wildly across the trail, smelling traces of coyotes and jackrabbits and who knows what else. But his pure joy? It's better than coffee when it comes to getting back some of my energy and optimism.

So I guess I wish that you have your equivalent of the joy of walking a dog by a river this Thanksgiving. Pumpkin pie, perhaps. Someone else doing the dishes tomorrow. A good story told at the table. Sometimes it's the little things that get us through.