What I'm Loving Now
posted by Amy

I've got a puppy asleep on my feet and a stack of papers needing to be graded, but I wanted to sneak in a quick list of what's brightening this rainy Saturday for me (besides the hot pink hollyhocks I can see out my window).

First, do you know Bea Nettles? I'm loving her photos and books right now, especially for the images of motherhood in different generations. It always helps me to step back and see what our motherhood moment looks like in comparison to those who came before us.

Also inspiring on a daily basis is 3191: A Year of Evenings. Their past project, 3191: A Year of Mornings is out now in book form. Go ahead and put it on your wish list. I'll wait.

Done? Okay, so also in the books category, we have some new favorites around here. These are all kid books, because I'm at the point in the semester where "reading" = grading student papers. That doesn't stop me from requesting new library books, but it does mean the stack of books on my bedside table is tall and...dusty.

First up is the Toon Books series, the brainchild of Art Spiegelman and Francoise Mouly. These comic chapter books are aimed at readers in the K-2 range, but my personal second-grade and fourth-grade test readers both loved Stinky, Jack and the Box, and Mo and Jo: Fighting Together Forever.

Because I'm childish enough to resist reading something I'm told to read, my approach to testing out books on my kids is to leave them on the coffee table and casually mention that some books arrived in the mail today. If they're worth reading, the kids will read them. If they don't get read in about a week, I donate them. The three Toon Books we received haven't been out of a reader's hands since they were unpacked. I'd say they like 'em.

Also getting lots of attention around here is the new series by Rick Riordan, 39 Clues. This looks gimmicky, but my picky reader, Henry, loved the first book, The Maze of Bones. He's also reading and loving Abel's Island by William Steig.

All that linking makes me tired. Must make tea and "walk" puppy. And then...grade essays. Hope your Saturday has some peaceful moments! When you get one, go here. You'll thank me.