Henry and Vincent Review Video Games
posted by Amy

Super Mario Galaxy for Wii

Henry's Review:

My rating: 9 out of 10

Rated: E for everyone

Blast through the cosmos in this 2 player Mario adventure! This is a pretty fun game overall, but it can bring a lot of stress. When you fall off and get sucked into a black hole, the game says, "Too bad!"

I think the boss fights are pretty interesting. Most of the time you have to do something to make the boss appear, like for example the Dino Piranha is eating an egg and you have to do something to make the egg crack open. Player Two can grab a Wii remote and collect Starbits and hold off enemies and even make the main character jump. You need 60 stars to beat the game, and when you get 120, you unlock Luigi. The thing about is Luigi is when he runs, it takes him a teeny bit to start running, like he runs in place for a second and then he slowly starts running and THEN he runs.

In this game, Mario can get some new power-ups. These include Bee Mario, Boo Mario, Fly Mario, and Ice Mario. I would say my particular favorite is probably Fire Mario. Ice Mario, Fire Mario, and Invincible Mario are all time-limited, while Boo Mario cannot go into the light and Bee Mario cannot go into the water.

For some levels, you want to collect a lot of Starbits because there might be a hungry Luma who wants Starbits to eat or there might be a Luma who can sell you a one-up or a mega-health.

As I said before, this is a pretty fun game overall. I'm glad you are reading my reviews! My brother Vincent's review is below.

[Editor's note: One of these writers is 9 and one is 13. I'll let you figure out which is which...]

Vincent's Review:

Nintendo released the first 3D Mario game, Super Mario 64, for the Nintendo 64. That game gave way to Super Mario Sunshine for the Nintendo Gamecube, and now, Super Mario Galaxy. This game is one of the greatest Mario games, with great graphics, revolutionary gameplay, and 120 levels. The objective is…saving Princess Peach…again. Other than that, practically nothing is the same. The game is set in space, and there are a host of new power-ups.

GRAPHICS: Super Mario Galaxy has some of the best graphics I've seen out of all the Mario Games. There is little room for improvement, and you can see the shimmer of the water, the scales of Bowser, and thousands of tiny details captured leaving nothing to the imagination. Nintendo went all-out on this one, not having a bunch of spheres floating around like I think could have happened, but a stunning array of floating gardens, haunted houses where you can walk on the ceiling, and giant glaciers turning this way and that. The camera follows you like a wolf following a deer. On tiny platforms it is possible to run and long-jump, and because of the gravity being in the center of the platform, you fly around the entire thing without having to look at the camera face the wall. One of the things that happen more than I would like in video games is that if you are next to a wall some of the wall will become invisible and it just looks terrible. In this game I have experienced nothing like that. And, because of the planet like structure of all the levels, there are no invisible walls making the boundaries, another thing that I don't like.

GAMEPLAY: The objective of Galaxy is the same as ever; try to get the stars. The game begins with a clip of Bowser coming, stealing peach, and blowing up the castle. You wake up on a strange planet where you meet a person who looks almost exactly like Peach. She then gives you the ability to spin, which I will explain later, and you're off to get your first star. As you've probably learned by now, this game doesn't have a level surface where everything falls down. Instead, there are spheres and cubes and every shape imaginable. This game has a hub world, like the castle in Super Mario 64, which is called the observatory. There are different rooms on that observatory, like the kitchen, bedroom, and garden, which have a telescope where you can see which galaxy you want to go to. Each of these galaxies has a bunch of stars you can try to get. The thing that I like the most about this game is that for each star, the level is a bit different. In one of my favorite galaxies, there is a fire part and an ice part. For one star you need to beat the ice stage, where in the other you need to beat the fire. This makes 120 unique levels, whereas in Super Mario 64 there were only fifteen stages with eight objectives each.

Another neat aspect is the power-ups. A unique ability you have is being able to spin. By flicking the Wii remote Mario spins furiously, which can kill enemies, give him a boost in the air, and launch him from a star to another part of the stage. The fire flower comes back in this Mario game, but this time it is temporary. By shaking the Wii remote Mario hurls a ball of fire which can light torches, melt snow, and kill goombas. There is also the Ice Flower, which freezes water, the spring mushroom, which lets him jump to great heights, the bee mushroom, which lets him fly and stick to honey, and the ghost mushroom, which lets him fly and go through walls.

One of the biggest problems in games that can't really be avoided is loading times and lagging. This game runs very smoothly and has short loading times. If you have played any Sypro games, the loading system is similar to that, but a lot shorter and it is disguised as him just flying through the air. I don't know the exact fps, but I have never had a problem with the game running slow, lagging, or doing anything wrong.

Most Wii games don't seem to use the Wii's controls right. They either don't use enough of it, or they go overboard on it. Galaxy is like the Goldilocks of the Wii remote. You use the remote a lot, but in subtle ways. For example, in one level you surf on a manta ray, and tilt the Wii remote. In another you use it to guide him through a floating minefield. The nice thing about this is that it doesn't always stick on one way of doing things. You vary from swimming, to flying, to bouncing, to skating, and to anything else. The Wii remote serves a different function each time, so you never really get bored.

PLAYABILITY: Because of the 120 levels, this game may take a while to beat. And also, once you get 120 stars, you can play the game again in a different mode. This takes quite a while, so this game is worth its money. You can also play in two-player mode, where player 2 is a cursor that can stun enemies and collect star bits.