Dear February:
posted by Amy

I don't know about you, but I'm completely done with February, also known around here as the weeks of endless flu symptoms.

Wouldn't you know that the year I finally cave in and get a flu shot ends up being the year the flu shot does a particularly bad job of protecting us from the currently fashionable flus buzzing around schools and workplaces? So of course, the one year I get the flu shot is the one year I also get the flu. As did two out of three kids so far...and it's a nasty one that has kept them home from school for many days.

The good thing is all I need is to rest my currently non-existent voice so I can teach my classes and rest this body that gets tired walking to the refrigerator. This, of course, would be easier if the kids didn't have a three-day weekend. Also easier if the kid who started this whole fun-filled flu bonanza hadn't just come down with a stomach virus.

So, on behalf of my family and all those others out there dealing with this February of flu, I'm begging you, February: leave us alone already. Please? I hear March is way nicer.