"Untitled" by Kate of Sweet | Salty


posted by Sheri

Our 1st Place Runner Up in the Mama Focus photo contest is: "Untitled" by Kate of Sweet | Salty

About Kate:

"Despite being convinced that parenthood would be a barfy-smelling, cheerio-crunching, sweatpant-wearing purgatory, I had a baby.

Bewitched by a wriggling, scruffy, golden retriever of a kid named Evan. Alongside this first pregnancy my blog—Sweet | Salty—was born, and recently, it prompted me to capture a part of the human experience I would have thought inhospitable to light.

Happily recruited into the baby gulag, we became pregnant with identical twin boys. Born catastrophically three months early, one survived and one did not, each the size of barely enough butter for a pie. Liam, who lived for six weeks, is a hole in our hearts, murmuring to us every day. His mirror-brother Ben grins and stretches and farts gloriously, living and thriving for two.

We carry on, struck by lightening, inspired to live in technicolour.

Thanks to Sweet | Salty and the blogging community, I have evolved like an alien creature of the deepest trenches in the sea, able despite blackness to feel with alternate senses for sustenance and peace.

And to laugh at baby farts, because they're funny."


About the photo:

"When I'm 89 years old, I'll remember the knots in my hair and the bags under my eyes, the caustic soap, the institutional green, and be transported here again to the NICU, living Ben grunting in his cot, lost Liam's heart under my shirt.

It's this stuff that makes you into who you are."

Kate's photo will remain up front here through January for our readers to enjoy.

Remember, we are keeping the Mama Focus pool open to share the mama love and to accept new photos focused on mamas. In the spring, we will begin pulling from those photos every month and showcasing them in "mama likes," with contributor permission, of course.