Mesmerized by The Small Object


posted by Sheri

I have been obsessing online over all the small objects at The Small Object for months and months now. And finally, I placed my first order. It arrived today, and I've never felt so good and happy as I did while opening all the little beautifully packaged small wonders (like this needle case I got for myself!)—all tied up with string. I was verbally giddy. Sigh...

One of my favorite things in the world is an old green basket (formerly a purse) my Great Aunt gave to me on a visit when I was probably four. Inside there was a tiny pencil and a little notepad. I was in love with those tiny things. Small objects meant so much to me. I made little books and wrote tiny notes and folded eensy artworks. And, that infatuation with the small is precisely what Sarah Neuburger understands and delivers.

This year I'm ignoring the fact that my niece (and my pen pal) probably really wants more Hannah Montana gear. I just got her some Hannah stickers. I know Hannah is the shit. However, sometimes I just have to give some of the basic little wonders in life. I mail her leaves and pods and Polaroids of my favorite shoes. Sometimes it's the small, simple, an adorable stuff that beckons me to share.

If you need a last-minute wonder for yourself or someone small, check out The Small Object. I still can't catch my breath. Thank you, Sarah.

The Small Object

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