"Sunday" by Estéa B.


posted by Sheri

We were thrilled by all the wonderful entries in the Mama Focus photo contest, and one thing is for sure, you are all amazing and BEAUTIFUL. And, because we luh-uved so many of the entries, we are going to keep the Mama Focus pool open to share the mama love and to accept new photos. In the spring, we will begin pulling from those photos every month and showcasing them in "mama likes," with contributor permission, of course.

It was very difficult to make our decisions, but Amy, Tracey, and I decided on these spectacular winners.

The Winner of the SONY DSC-W55 Cybershot Digital Still (thank you, SONY) is:

"Sunday" by Estéa B.

About Estéa B.:

Estéa B. is a homeschooling mama of three in Kansas who fell into blogging nearly two years ago seeking (and finding) grown-up conversation with like-minded moms. Her robot jumping rope blog has evolved into a perfect tool for sharpening latent writing urges and improving her skill with a digital camera. Her focus? All that is witty and pretty in a mama's daily life (with a side dish of poking fun at extended family and homeschooling oddities.). The blog's name was inspired by her oldest son's sketch of a robot jumping rope; "sometimes as a mom, I feel like a few tons of rusty metal attempting the impossible." Visit her at robot jumping rope and take a look at her other photos on Flickr.

Estéa's photo will remain up front here through December for our readers to enjoy. Hooray, Estéa!

Our lovely runner ups are:
First: Untitled by Kate I.
Third: "with child and child" by Angie G.

We will highlight each of our runner up's photos in the months of January, February, and March.

Congratulations to the Mama Focus winners! And thank you, lovely mamas everywhere, for all the wonderful entries. We love focusing on you!