Spooky Halloween Links
posted by Amy

This is the last weekend before Halloween, which usually means my hard-to-pin-down kids finally start to make some decision about costumes, and I start to panic. It's not that I don't like planning costumes with my kids; it's more that they prefer to do it all on their own.

Our oldest went off to a costume party last night in a suit made of duct tape, a feat of engineering he put together completely on his own. My husband's last-second observation: "I guess if you need to use the bathroom, you'll just rip it in half?"

Meanwhile, our youngest is determined to be a blanket for Halloween. By "blanket," she means a vivid purple and blue sarong she dug up in her costume drawer a few weeks ago. I'm a little puzzled about how she's going to make it work, but she's adamant that she WILL be a blanket for Halloween.

As for the middle child? He's lobbying to be taken to a store to buy yet another scary mask he won't actually wear trick-or-treating, which is apparently his personal Halloween tradition.

And while I can't bring myself to care much about homemade versus storebought ("Do what works for you" is my Halloween philosophy), Emily Bazelon's take on the issue is a good read. Also definitely worth your time is Marla's Halloween post, which as an added bonus is pretty to look at. Meanwhile, I can't stop asking my own Josephine if she wouldn't rather be a Sally than a blanket. So far, no go. I'll keep you posted.