Take Back...the Knitting?
posted by Amy

Knitting, sewing, quilting, and other needle crafts are hot. So is baking, cooking, and organic gardening. This is so NOT news, I know. And I see all kinds of reasons why DIY is the rage, ranging from a desire to slow down and reconnect to where our food and clothing come from, which stems also from interest in the environment (until we joined a CSA, I honestly had very little idea of what foods were in season when), to wanting to rebel a bit against the second wave feminism that says "women's work" is not worth doing. And, of course, knitting is fun if one is doing it for a hobby. If we had to knit all our kids' socks? Maybe not so fun.

I was taught how to embroider when I was a little girl. My next-door neighbor Eileen, who was born in 1900, taught me during those hours I hung around her kitchen, hoping for some of her homemade cookies. It's still a soothing way for me to relax.

But I also saw domesticity modeled beautifully by my own mother and grandmother, who are endlessly crafty and quilted and cooked and baked and CREATED throughout my childhood. My mother says now that she just needed to have some concrete proof that she'd accomplished something during those days of raising small children. I get that. It's why I bake pumpkin bread and make lentil soup on the days I've been doing primarily house and kid stuff.

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