Pumping at Work
posted by Amy

Katie Allison Granju has four kids, including a baby girl. When she went back to work eight weeks after baby Charlotte's birth, she discovered how challenging pumping breastmilk can be, even in good circumstances. Granju has a job which allows her time to breastfeed, caregivers for her baby (her husband and mother-in-law) who are supportive of breastfeeding, and ample experience with nursing and milk supply.

Yet, Granju writes, finding time and space to pump can still be a challenge in the workplace. So can finding appropriate work clothes which still allow her to pump, at least without investing in a whole new wardrobe.

Sometimes I feel like a broken record. (And please, don't be like my kids and ask what a record is. I'm already feeling oldish today.) But I've seen so many other families struggle with the same issues Granju writes about in her post, and ten years into this parenting gig, I don't see a lot of concrete changes.

Sure, we glorify motherhood like crazy, endlessly speculating on Christina and J-Lo's "baby bumps." But maternity leave that extends beyond eight weeks? Uh, no.

Here's my wish: that ten years from NOW, I can reread this post and think, "Wow, remember when six months of paid leave wasn't a reality for new parents? Thank god things will be different for my grandkids."