School Daze
posted by Sheri

Amy's post about school gave me a mini panic attack. The money part and the other part too. The part where my friends' once-tiny little kids grow big and go off to middle school.

I mean, on the one hand, I can't wait for my own to go. On the other hand, I can't believe a year from now my "baby" will be trotting off to real, honest-to-goodness school. School school. Not just three days of preschool. School. That place where the most awful and the most bestest super coolest ever things in our lives get sealed into our brains.

Anyway, thank god for the internet at times like these. Been enjoying reading along (and crying along) as Marrit has geared up to send Baldo off to kindergarten. And she is living to tell about it.

I am kind of getting a little excited now, but only cause I'm reading along and seeing other mamas live through it. Please. You know I'll be a dripping wet rag come next September.

But anyway, most of all this is a personal shout out to Ally, our big growing up 10-YEAR-OLD girl who made it through her first day at a brand new school today. That's no easy feat. You are so brave, and from today on out, may it only get better—just like watching you grow. xoxo