The Art of Loneliness
posted by Sheri

The other night I wrote like three posts for the food blog based around things my husband had shared with me—things from work, things people shared at work, things he heard—out there, you know, in the world. He was like, "Gee, do I get props for these?"

I said, "Well, you leave the house every day, so I have to suck off your experiences sometimes. Sorry..."

Yes, the world of parenting and writing from home can be a lonely place. I find myself chatting the ears off people who call, the same calls I'm not supposed to be answering because the baby is ASLEEP and DAMN IT, I AM WORKING!

Anyway, for all these reasons and more, I loved Rebecca's pretty recent piece "The Art of Loneliness" over at Straight From the Bottle. I'm still figuring out everything this means for me, but I totally love it:

"...there is a fine art to being lonely, there are windows to open into the night. There are stars, the same stars that everyone with a window in her office can see."

But mostly, I think it means we are all lonely in our own ways—mothers, writers, humans. I'm a person who happens to love being alone and even being lonely sometimes. I seek it out. I insist on it. I've even found a way to get back to the alone and lonely places from within motherhood—through patience and readiness in the waves of parenting (they won't need to eat every minute forever! yay! they won't take two naps forever! no! they will go off to school! yay and no!), by pursuing more writing, asking for help, and getting away. Sure, loneliness can make me cry, but it can also open up my favorite familiar world that is blank and quiet and frankly, full of stars that I can only hope will connect me back to you...

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