Madeline Sharples


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Happy Two Years mamazine.com! In honor of our webzine's two-year anniversary this month, Amy and I are celebrating our readers. Today's featured reader is:

Name: Madeline Sharples

Blog/Website: I read blogs but haven't yet participated. However, if you type in my name, you'll find me on the web. Check out The Emerging Goddess also. I wrote the poems for a series of wonderful photographs that the photographer named The Emerging Goddess.

Kids: 2 sons—my oldest, Paul, died not quite 8 years ago. My surviving and most wonderful son, Ben, is 33.

Paid Work: I work as a Proposal Process Manager at a major aerospace company. I'm paid to produce proposals submitted the government that, if accepted, bring in contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars into my company. Most of the proposals I work on have to do with space exploration and science. I also translate engineering tech talk into readable English.

Activism: No. But, I am a champion of women in the workplace. I received a Women of Achievement award at my company two years ago and since then I've spoken about the changing role of women in business over the last few decades. I am so pleased to be working with so many smart young women professionals now. They were practically unheard of when I started out.

Reader since: From your very beginning. I love the energy of the publication. I think you are so smart. I also like to read the poems.

Currently reading: I regularly read The New Yorker although I'm always about two months behind. I'm reading McEwan's On Chesil Beach, and Sontag's In America: A Novel. Most days I read the Huffington blog.

Favorite mama blog: There are so many, but to pick one—it would be the Rad Dad. I love its honesty and earthy voice. And, that you've allowed men to speak even though this is a zine for mamas.

:: Read Madeline's poems "Black Bomber" and "Dream World" on mamazine.com.

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