Kathryn Petruccelli of Fetal Positions II


posted by Sheri

In honor of our webzine's two-year anniversary this month, Amy and I are celebrating our readers. Today's featured reader is:

Name: Kathryn Petruccelli

Blog: Fetal Positions II I started it when I was 3 months pregnant and have continued. Back then, it was about survival. Still is.

Kids: 1 son—2 1/2 (and much to the dismay of every stranger I meet, I am not thinking about "#2.")

Paid Work: I do freelance writing for the entertainment section of the local paper—theater previews, events etc. while I wait in the wings to snatch the parenting column away from its current author, or until Ira Glass retires from hosting This American Life (marry me, Ira! oh, sorry, this is me, Sheri, butting inů).

Activism: I am raising a son to believe in peace in a world of war and to believe in women in a patiarchy.

Reader since: About two years. I'm always in search of good writing. I am always after story that shows me a reality I can find myself in and laces it with artistry that transcends where I am.

Currently reading: Just finished Jean Thompson's Throw Like A Girl: Stories and the 7th Harry Potter. I read Brain,Child, Utne, Poets & Writers.

Favorite mama blog: I have no favorite mama blog, but I may by the time I'm done reader the reader surveys.

:: Read Kathryn's poem "The Slide" on mamazine.com.

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