Liz Henry of The Minivan Chronicles!


posted by Sheri

Happy Two Years mamazine.com! In honor of our webzine's two-year anniversary this month, Amy and I are celebrating our readers. Today's featured reader is:

Name: Liz Henry

Blog: The Minivan Chronicles

Kids: 1 daughter: 4

Paid work: I've recently become unemployed, but dealing with the folk at the unemployment office has me wondering if I should rethink that status.

Activism: As for my activism street cred, I've participated in the March For Women's Lives, interned as a Grant Writer/Researcher at Planned Parenthood, minored in Women's Studies, birthed a child, and written many o' paper on feminism and a sustainable world.

Reader since: I have been reading mamazine.com from almost the beginning. I especially love love love the compiled lists of mama likes stuff and have found some amazing authors. I visit your webzine because it's never preachy or self-indulgent, snooty or misinformed. I feel an authenticity with the writers that I haven't found anywhere else.

Currently reading: I'm currently reading Come Hell or High Water: Hurricane Katrina and the Color of Disaster by Michael Eric Dyson. Next up I've got Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (hey at least I'm on this gravy train, finally). Now that I sound somewhat intelligent, I must say that I'm addicted to Perez Hilton. I just can't get enough and my all-time secret shame involves three playmates and the E! Network (Liz, I feel your pain on this one. I just...can't...stop...).

Favorite mama blog: I honestly can't ever narrow anything down to one favorite. It's too decisive and final. I look at books, movies, albums, and websites in clusters. I'm a Libra and therefore unprepared to ever make a decision when faced with lots of choices.

There's still time to tell us how we're doing mamazine.com and be our next featured reader. The deadline is August 29th and here's how.