Amy Nathan of Kvetch Blog!


posted by Sheri

Happy Two Years mamazine.com! In honor of our webzine's two-year anniversary this month, Amy and I are celebrating our readers. Today's featured reader is:

Name: Amy Nathan

Blog: Kvetch Blog and Your Jewish Mother. I also have monthly columns at The Imperfect Parent and Who Is Isabella and blog at the Chicago Moms Blog.

Kids: 2 kids: 12 and 15

Paid work: I'm a freelance writer with essays published in the Chicago Tribune and am scheduled for publication in several regional parenting magazines this fall. I'm grateful that I'm paid for much of my writing. I also teach preschool part-time—being with 3-year-olds reminds me that there is certain joy in stacking blocks and finishing a puzzle.

Reader since: I have known about mamazine.com as long as I can remember. I ambled onto the internet in this current capacity about 18 months ago, so probably since then. I visit to read writers I know and writers I wish I knew. And to also discern if I've written anything appropriate for mamazine.

Currently reading: I'm currently reading Stephen King's On Writing. I'm writing a lot, so that requires a lot of reading of my own work!

Favorite mama blog: Aside from Kvetch Blog, which was truly my entree back into the world of writing and is near and dear to my heart, I love the blog Blogs Are Stupid by Blog Antagonist. She is a real writer with heart and soul. She is open and accepting yet steadfast. I wish she lived near me so we could have coffee and talk.

There's still time to tell us how we're doing mamazine.com and be our next featured reader. The deadline is August 29th and here's how.