Marla Good of Hello Josephine!


posted by Sheri

Happy Two Years mamazine.com! In honor of our webzine's two-year anniversary this month, Amy and I are celebrating our readers. Today's featured reader is:

Name: Marla Good

Blogs: Hello Josephine and soon to be at The Domestic Vernacular.

Kids: Human: Josephine, age 3 1/4 going on 8 1/2. Steve, age (muffled cough), who may be an adult, but says he can be immature forever. Animal: Molly, the Slobberhound, age 2. The Infamous Boo Boo Kitty, age 2. Boo Boo gets more fan mail than I do.

Paid work: I work at Winkel, a funky little shop that sells retro furniture and tchotchkes, small press greeting cards, really really cool bags, and (in my best "Hank Hill voice) oilcloth and oilcloth accessories. While I'm there, I let the items tell me where to display them, making up "colour stories" and tableaus that tell you what they're about only if you have an open heart. (That's fancy talk for moving stuff around into aesthetically pleasing groups after I dust it.)

And, I have the good fortune to be a parent reviewer of Ann Douglas's books. That I'd do for the honour alone, but it's very nice to have freelance work from home such as that.

I also do the odd job for my husband's business—print brokering, deliveries and pick-ups, naughty secretary roleplay...

OH! And I forgot—I sporadically work at handwriting. I have nice handwriting, and an ad agency pays me money to write things nicely for a schmancy department store's print ads.

Activism: I'm all eyes and ears for wherever I can be of use and dabble here and there; but keep to myself about what I do beyond promoting the Christmas Gift Exchange at Nellie's Place. I was so proud that blogging about it made such a difference there this past year.

More though, I'm active in my community, trying to make the immediate neighbourhood a great place for our children to grow up in. To that end, I also guerilla garden, believing that just as our children go out into the world, and we can't know every bit of joy they might perpetuate beyond what we see of them—flowers, like children, affect everyone who looks upon them. But more—they affect everyone who looks after them too.

Reader since: Once upon a time, Amy liked me. And once I found out about it, I was hooked. So since then. While blogging often feels like reading a tabloid in the checkout lane, mamazine.com feels like a fine glossy, in the tub, with a grown-up drink and bubble bath that doesn't smell like purple. I do subscribe via Bloglines, but I save it up and read it in the wee small hours when I have some peace and quiet.

Currently reading: I'm currently reading a wide variety of graphic novels, courtesy of my friend Nadine at Random House. Everything from Persepolis and Embroideries to the The Long Chalkboard: and Other Stories (related NPR story).

Blogs? Oh, I have a full roster.

There are the Head Honchos, like dooce, Suburban Bliss, Finslippy, and Mimi Smartypants. They were my "firsts", and I still find them to be fascinating people though I've moved on from them to others.

There are the "ArtsyCraftsy" ones, like Angry Chicken and Posie Gets Cosy (note to self: Have a raspberry muffin morning!) ) and Camilla Engman and especially The Wish Jar and A Peek Inside the Fishbowl.

There are my IRL bloggy friends, like Jen from MUBAR, and Nadine from Martinis For Milk and Kate from Tripping the Life Unbalanced and Dani from Postcards from the Mothership and Ann's The Mother of All Blogs and Andrea from a garden of nna mmoy. I'd read them even if they sucked—but thankfully, they're all awesome.

Okay. (Embarrassed toe shuffling in the sand)

I'm also going to admit I'd rather read about TV shows I like on Television Without Pity, and Google tells me I've made twenty visits there since April, so it's not THAT bad. Is it? That bad?

Favorite mama blog: It's...it's...well, it used to be one. Then, for a while, it was another. And one came to mind, but then, I waffled—I'm SO not sure. So for today, and whenever I read it, because I'm never not blown away, it's sweet | salty. I have been moved by blogging and maintain it makes you care about people you don't even know, but that one...wow...and unlike certain people I know (does a "you know what I mean" gesture, pointing at self)—she understands brevity. And then I look at the pictures, and I get all verklempt.

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