I Do This EVERY Summer
posted by Amy

Every summer, I get obsessed with TV. Maybe it's because I've lived by the academic year for pretty much my whole life. My parents were in college when I was born, and I went to preschool on their college campus. My dad finished his degree around the time I started kindergarten, so I moved from living according to their academic year to living according to my own. Then I went from high school to college to a master's program to teaching.

Now, from September through June, evenings are ruled by homework (the kids' and my own, otherwise known as grading and preparing for class), laundry, baths (not, sadly, my own), preparing lunches for the next day, and lots and lots of nagging to get three kids' teeth brushed/jammies on/stories read/lights out. I get really selfish about my free time during the academic year--movies I see had BETTER be good, because I'm spending two whole hours on them. TV? Has to be short and sweet; better not make me think because I'm using everything I have to stay caught up on work and my family's lives.

So when summer comes? I'm ready to watch some of those shows everyone has been talking about. The problem is, by the time I watch them, everyone else has forgotten them. Like the summer I watched Dawson's Creek...which happened to be the summer AFTER the series ended. Try finding someone who wants to talk about Pacey and Joey years after their romance ended. (And if you find them, tell them to email me so we can squeal about the "Anti-Prom" episode, 'kay?)

This summer is no exception. I have discovered (drum roll, please)....Grey's Anatomy! Season 1, that is. And hey, you all, McDreamy? He IS all that.

Truthfully, though, I love Netflixing TV shows. It's hard to find time to watch a whole movie even in the summer, but forty minutes for an episode of a TV drama, with its thoughtfully-placed breaks intended for commercials, is possible to fit into most days. I started the summer by watching the best thing I've ever seen on stage or screen, large or small: The Wire. My husband, who has been telling me I'd love this show for the past four years, makes me remember yet again why I'm so lucky to be married to him when he listens patiently to my reactions to events he watched years ago. He doesn't even say "I told you so," which would be my first reaction in this scenario. "It's pure Shakespeare!" I keep raving to him. "Yes," he nods.

So here I am, predictable as ever. I'm slowly transferring my huge crush on Dominic West, who plays Detective Jimmy McNulty on The Wire over to Patrick Dempsey's Dr. McDreamy. And I'm already thinking about next summer. My husband tells me that Dylan from 90210 is on this new HBO show about Jesus and surfing and some guy from Cincinnati. Hmmm...should be out on DVD just about next summer.