Events for Sacramento Mamas
posted by Amy

Two mama-related events are coming up in Sacramento this week, so I'm going local with this mama likes, with all apologies to non-Sacramentans.

The first is the chance to meet local writer Eva Rutland, author of When We Were Colored: A Mother's Story on Saturday, July 14, 2:00-4:00 PM at Underground Books (2814 35th Street). When asked about why she wrote this book, Rutland responds, on her website, "I was a young black mother in the 1950s. Schools were just beginning to integrate and I was worried about my children and what they would encounter in this integrated world. I thought that if I could just talk to white mothers they would understand that my black children were just like their children filled with all the beauty, joy and insecurities of childhood, just as precious and just as fragile."

Then, next Tuesday, MomsRising.org members will be going to the Capitol to "give each and every member of the California Legislature a copy of The Motherhood Manifesto with a special bookmark at Chapter "H: Healthcare for All Children," as a parting gift before they leave for their month-long recess on July 20th." If you're interested in being a Mom Ambassador, email Ashley at ashley@momsrising.org with "Mom Ambassador" in the Subject line, and she'll give you all of the details, or go here for more information, to donate, or to send info to other mamas.