Power of Persimmon Tree
posted by Amy

For me, one of the weird parts of becoming a mother was suddenly being plunged into a world where most of my daily contacts were with a certain kind of person: mainly, women close to my age who had young children. Because I taught mostly at night during my children's baby years, I was cut off from the multigenerational work world I'd been used to spending my days in. Just when I really, really wanted to hear from mothers of older children and to ask them question after question, my contact with many of the friends who fit into that category became nearly nonexistent.

Much as I valued the friendships I made with parents whose kids were the same age as mine, I wanted some mama mentors, some women who had been there, done that, and had perhap regained the perspective it can be hard to maintain when you're in the thick of childrearing. Now I have a place to go for that kind of perspective: Persimmon Tree, a literary webzine that publishes the writing of older women, is one of my favorite new places to visit. The newest quarterly edition, with gorgeous art by Faith Ringgold and poems by Grace Paley that I printed out and ended up carrying in my pocket and rereading for days, is out now.