Summer Stress
posted by Amy

It's Week 2 of summer at my house. It's no screens until 4 p.m. still...kinda. Right now, the kids are still asleep, so I'm sneaking in some online time. Don't tell, please. Our experiment has led to more board games and tons of reading and writing (mostly journal entries along the lines of "My mom sucks. She won't let us play Wii."). My daughter has helped plant flowers and spent time alone in the backyard, just playing and dreaming. My eight-year-old noted last week that he waits and and waits for 4 p.m. and then doesn't really even want to do screens once he's allowed to. So yay me, right?

I wish. Because, of course, transitions are stressful, and that's what last week was: a transition from school time to summer time, with all the attendant dreams and expectations we have about summer. Mine include all the wholesome activities listed above, even venting in journals about my essential suckiness. The kids would prefer, as any child would, nonstop playdates and movies and candy and ice cream. We're working out a balance that meets all our needs. I figure we'll get it right around August 31.

Anyway, the amazing Nanci Olesen, who has been through the summer transition before, writes about why the transition is hard and what we can do about it here and talks about it here.