Reading about Big Families
posted by Amy

With three kids (two biological, one step), our family is considered fairly big in our neighborhood of small 1950s-era houses. Sure, there are one or two families with four kids, but most of my kids' friends are only children or have just one sibling. But I know that three kids isn't all that many. So why do I find myself reading Largerfamilies.com so often?

Well, for one thing, I like reading about families like the one I grew up in. Ours had ten kids total, with five girls and five boys. Three of us are bio kids, three were adopted from Korea, three from Brazil, and one from Guatemala. Since my parents started adopting in the early 1980s, when international adoption was a little less common, we attracted questions everywhere we went.

But the moms on Largerfamilies.com? They know all about life with many kids, including some who are learning how to live in a family after life in an institution, as well learning about life in America. They drive big vans like my parents did, buy food in bulk (it seemed like groceries evaporated the moment they entered our kitchen, at least the way I remember it), and make sandwiches on an assembly line.

Mostly, though, they don't worry about perfection; they're focused on making sure everyone is safe and fed and loved. That's an attitude I feel like I need more of in my life, and that's what keeps bringing me back to read stories about whether it's the shift from 3 kids to 4 that's hardest or the shift from 5 to 6, even though those aren't questions I'll ever get to answer for myself.