McSweeney's, Baby!
posted by Sheri

I bring in some income. I tend to my boy's needs. I endure my husband's new guitar obsession. I cook once in awhile. I keep the furballs cleaned out of the corners of our house. I do daydream a lot while driving the short distance between preschool and my part-time job and home; however, I don't smoke or loiter in dive bars or even drink caffeine until I'm hyperventilating anymore. So I feel mighty entitled to some real screw-off time.

I spend a little of this "me" time on TIMOTHY MCSWEENEY'S INTERNET TENDENCY. It's mostly irrelevant, wonderfully smart, and incredibly sarcastic fun, and the short reads fit right in with my screw-off schedule. Some of my favorite reads include: Open letter to people or entities who are unlikely to respond, Lists, and Short imagined monologues.

Enjoy reading a few of the funniest bits (in my opinion) and screwing off on the site:

  • An open letter to the manufacturers of infant sleepwear.
  • An open letter to that mother on the sidelines of my daughter's soccer game.
  • An open letter to the couple who found my panties in their yard last summer.
  • What thoreau is missing.
  • Things koala bears would say.
  • Things my family prefers over gay marriage
  • Reasons we can't have a baby, honey.