iPod Mommy
posted by Sheri

by Pat Dunnigan

Don't care who did it
Don't care what's wrong
Mommy's right in the middle
Of a cool new song

I'm an iPod mommy and I'm singing along
Don't care who did it, don't care what's wrong
Did he call you a name? Is she touching your stuff?
Tell someone who cares because I've had enough

I've got the Snow Patrol in my ear
Mommy's close by but she's not really here
She's been taken away—it's like Prozac in sound
She's with Foo Fighters now; there's no family around

Daddy looks up from his plasma t.v.
To suggest I am lacking in mom ability
The house is a mess, the kids haven't been fed
At least that's what I think he said

I'm an iPod Mommy
I keep my family on mute
With the volume this loud
They can seem almost cute

So solve your own problems
And pour your own juice
Mommy's with Tori Amos now
What's Daddy's excuse?

I can see their lips moving
But it's Coldplay I hear
Not now, mommy's grooving
So run along, dear

I've got enough decibels to cover all but the worst
I can't hear what she did or that he did it first
I'm with the Rejects, I'm completely serene
Until I see blood, I will not intervene

Pat Dunnigan is a Chicago-area freelance writer and journalist whose published work has, up until this point, been serious and respectable journalism of the variety that contains a lot of "facts" and "figures" and makes frequent use of the word "litigation." Deep down, she has always been a far more frivolous person for whom nothing destroys the satisfaction of a well-executed piece of writing more than getting paid for it. Her collection of short fiction, essays, poetry, and grievances can be read at Suburban Kamikaze. She is the mother of two children, ages 9 and 12.