The Care Crisis
posted by Amy

I just came across this piece via Bumblebee Sweet Potato. Go read it, during naptime or your lunch break or in the wee hours when you're up worrying about all you have to do tomorrow.

Like Landismom, I lowered my expectations of societal support for mothers long before I even had my children. I chose a job based on its flexibility, something I'd learned to value after watching my own parents balance work and family. I chose to stay close to family, because I knew I couldn't handle having kids without the free and flexible childcare my sisters, brother, mom, and in-laws provided during the years when I had little babies and not enough income for infant daycare. I was very lucky to have the choices and the support I did have, even if some of those choices included putting car repairs on the credit card during those years I taught reduced course loads. I knew how lucky I was in my head, but it hit home emotionally when I sat next to another new mom in the pediatrician's waiting room and listened to her cry about having to return to work as soon as her daughter was six weeks old. She just wasn't ready to leave that baby all day yet, you know? That was almost eight years ago, and I still think about that woman and her little girl all the time.

So read, and then click over to Moms Rising and check into local viewings of The Motherhood Manifesto. Maybe you even want to host one for your friends and neighbors. There's a movement building here, mamas.