I'm Gonna Be An Auntie
posted by Amy

About eight weeks from today, my wonderful and amazing sister-in-law will make my dearest wish come true by making me an auntie. I come from a big family (10 kids, total), and I'm the only one of my sisters who isn't an auntie. Baby Owen's coming arrival, therefore, is a big fat deal to me. (It's apparently kind of a major thing for my brother and his wife, too, but we're not talking about them today. We're talking about me! The auntie-to-be!)

From my perspective as a mama, auntiehood looks like a sweet deal; the way my sisters do it, it mostly involves buying adorable baby outfits (and later, way cool skater tees for preteen nephews whose parents clearly are not hip enough to even know that Volcom is a brand name) and sneaking chocolate to the baby when Mama isn't looking. Also in my sisters' repertoire: a whole lot of free babysitting (thank you, Meghan, Karin, Taina, and Catherine; I owe you big-time).

So maybe it's my own impending auntiehood that left me needing to share the latest from Marjorie Ingall with you all. Maybe it's that the baby in her latest column is named Shirley, which delights me for some unknown reason. I dunno; just read it, won't you?