Saying I'm Sorry


posted by Sheri

Here's the perfect solution when your kid carries out one of those embarrassing "behavior experiments" in public—you know, the ones that become normal in the land of mama but bring on looks of scorn in public. Like when he crushes his French bread into a million tiny pieces and flings them around the restaurant or when she cries so hard you're afraid the neighbors think you're performing sick experiments in the middle of the night. So next time your kid kicks the back of the seat for the entire plane ride cross country, don't whip out an explanation like, "He's just learning cause and effect, you know?" It's pointless. Instead, whip out a simple "I'm sorry!" from Lane Walker Foard's New Parent Apology Cards.

Apologize to the waitress, your neighbors, fellow airline passengers, and more! It's easy to say "I'm sorry (we're used to it, but we understand you're not)" today. There are even a few fun ones like this:

"I think my baby is cuter than yours. I think my child is in higher percentiles across the board. I think my baby is more alert than yours, will walk sooner than yours, talk sooner than yours, and will get that final day care spot ahead of yours. For such offending thoughts, I would apologize. But that sort of thing would be beside the point. Because you're most certainly thinking the same thing about your own baby."

New Parent Apology Cards by Lane Walker Foard. Used with permission of Chronicle Books LLC, chroniclebooks.com

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