Links to Make You Laugh
posted by Amy

Around here, school doesn't start until after Labor Day, so we've still got a few weeks of summer left to endure. I mean, enjoy. The joy of being together all day, every day, week after week has faded just a bit for my kids, and the sibling wars have been a little exhausting. (Of course, as I type this? Henry and Josie are sweetly cooperating on a game on the other computer. Ain't that just the way it goes? Darn kids can't even fight while I'm complaining about them fighting.)

What? You thought I had some links for you? You say you didn't come here to read the ritual summer-it's-tough-on-folks-of-all-ages whine? Okay, okay.

Mimi Smartypants has seen this domain name, and she is not amused. But damn, she's amusing in her brilliance. (And remember, in Mimi Smartypants' posts, every link is sacred. Click the links! All of 'em!)

Over at Finslippy, pink eye and Alice are corresponding. The post's title says it all: "Soon they will be gone, and I will dance upon their eensy graves."

In Vibe #697, Judgmental Parenting Division, Fussy put my keyboard in serious danger of being drowned in Diet Coke. I've just graduated into the world of parents who can take their kids to the pool and NOT swim with them. After eight years of parenthood with at least one non-swimmer in the family, I'm reveling in the experience of sitting in the shade at our local city pool, reading my book and watching my kids swim WITHOUT me. (Hooray for lifeguards and countless hours of swimming lessons. And K, if you're reading this, it WILL happen to you someday, too. I swear.)

In blog book tour news, Heather Armstrong has read A Ghost in the House, and now you need to read what she has to say. Meanwhile, due to the British release of Ayun's motherhood memoir, The Big Rumpus, Sweetney had the chance to ask Ayun Halliday all kinds of questions. Ayun's description of the lazy weekend morning and her subsequent shift into Bitchmother could be taken straight from my own house. See? Not. alone.