BlogHer 2006 Links
posted by Amy

Sheri and I went to BlogHer last weekend. It was an experience I'll be mulling over for a while, but it did confirm that we may be the only bloggers around without laptops. (As I wrote this on my ancient ruby red iMac, I had to pat her lovingly and tell her I'd never, ever leave her. A laptop would just be for when I couldn't get the real thing, sweetie.)

The amazing (and pretty!) Mir, whose panel with Alice and Tracey and Marrit was one I'd been looking forward to, has good advice about dealing with critics. Or dogs. Just read it…it'll all make sense, I swear.

In related stuff-I-don't-want-to-give-more-attention-to news, Miriam Peskowitz has the answer I plan to give the next person who asks me what I think about moms saying they're bored by their kids. Edited to add: Scroll down to the July 31st entry. I'm having some kind of mushy brain day that is making me incapable of linking directly to the entry I mean. I must need a vacation.

Marritt Ingman writes about BlogHer here and here. Also? If you've read Marrit's writing and thought she'd be really tall because her voice is big and tall and strong, she's not. Which makes me like her even more, because, well, I'm short, too.

And now I'm off to shower and drive to the beach, where I'll be for the next week. Sacramentans will understand if I secretly hope it's really hot here so that I can fully appreciate the cool, foggy mornings of the Santa Cruz area. I don't know why it's more fun to be wearing a sweatshirt when I know it's over 100 degrees at home, but it is.

One more thing: This post about BlogHer is another must-read. And now I have to log off. The kids are in the car, the spouse is jingling car keys impatiently. Goodbye, internets. (See above re: no laptop.) Tune in next week to see if Amy can live without the internet for a whole week (ha! like I won't be stealing Spouse or Stepdad's laptops and sneaking off to a coffee shop with free wireless...)