A Few Good Girly Reads
posted by Sheri

At Salon:

The breakup of Sleater-Kinney signifies the end of an era when women made a loud and unapologetic noise—onstage and in society.
By Carlene Bauer

"I need to see that, like vocalist Corin Tucker, you can be a 30-something mother—a 30-something woman—and still jump around onstage and smile and yell and unleash a thunder, that you can also exude joy while being tethered to a partner and a child, because increasingly, women seem to think marriage and parenthood mean you agree to bury yourself alive under a mountain of stuff— state-of-the-art strollers, art-directed diaper bags, and 12-packs of toilet paper."

I've waited 22 years to see Madonna live in concert. But would seeing the Material Girl, lithe and gyrating at 47, make me feel like an old fogy?
By Rebecca Traister

"Even songs I think I don't know the lyrics to—like "Music," or "Ray of Light," or "Take a Bow"?—I know the lyrics to. Madonna has been the soundtrack to my life."

At Women's eNews:

By Jeanine Plant

Oh, and this Slate one's not really girly but a fun read that'll take some of you back to teenhood:

The subtle brilliance of the After School Special.
By Marisa Meltzer