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posted by Amy

Brett Paesel writes, in this Los Angeles Times op-ed, "Forget Mommy Wars, Try Martinis: If there's a war between stay-at-home moms and working moms in my neighborhood, someone forgot to tell me":

We're having the wrong conversation. When did the choices concerning work and childrearing become the exclusive territory of mommies? Didn't we agree years ago that fathers, lovers, gay uncles, grandparents and employers should pitch in? I thought it took a village. Now I'm being told it takes just one person — Mom — and she's furious.

A recent "60 Minutes" segment reported that Americans work more hours a week than workers in any other Western nation. Europeans think we're bonkers, putting in 12-hour days and getting excited about our meager two weeks of vacation a year. Many European nations allow a full year of maternity leave, along with substantial paternity leave. U.S. working moms (and dads) are furious because they're overworked, not because they're under attack by stay-at-home moms. And stay-at-home moms (and stay-at-home dads) are furious because society undervalues their work, not because working moms are lobbing insults. Dads, lovers, uncles, teachers, pastors, friends — all of us — must promote the happiness and health of our nation's children. And we can do that most effectively through legislative and social change, through seeking real solutions in our educational system and in the workplace, not by jumping into the fray of a mommy war that barely exists.

I can only conclude that not enough moms are drinking. Everyone looks better after a couple of beers, even the uptight membership chair-mom at your son's preschool. Get together, knock back a few and gab. Then go home and write your member of Congress.

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