Friday Links
posted by Amy

I've been in a blogging lull lately, due in part to two kids out of school for the summer and one finishing preschool today.

Yes my last baby is finishing preschool, which makes me sad mostly because we love her preschool and her teachers way more than I'd ever imagined I could love a daycare center. Which, considering that eight years ago I more or less believed daycare centers were dangerous places where bad parents sent their children, is saying quite a bit. (That would be BEFORE I realized that parents could in fact be low-quality daycare. And that if that happens, it's perhaps time to seek out some high-quality paid daycare.)

Anyway, cookies have been baked and sent to school in honor of Josie's last day, Henry and I are off for a picnic in the park, and then I'll walk into Josie's little school, where she'll doubtless be playing "We're Twins!" with her friend Henry or the fairy game with Madeline and Bella and Miss Cathlean or something equally absorbing, and we'll collect her lunchbox and swimsuit and towel and the 8,000 projects she creates each day and say goodbye to the teachers who have made the last two years of our lives so much richer.

Also, my wonderful brother is marrying the amazing Almost-Aunt Teresa, as my kids call her, on Monday, so I've been very busy trying on dresses and making Chip tell me which ones he likes, then berating him for saying I look good when clearly he is lying. It is FUN to be married to me, I tell you, nonstop FUN!

In the moments I've had to spare, though, here's what I've been reading and watching lately:

Jon Stewart, my hero (link thanks to Becca).

Susan's tale of the difference between taking Henry to the dentist and taking Charlie to the dentist, which came along at just the right time for me and my Henry.

Via Half-Changed World, Sandra Tsing Loh.

Becca on Meghan O'Rourke on Linda Hirshman. Also, Geeky Mom on working parents and what Hirshman seems to be missing.

I keep going back to this and sighing dreamily. Marritt Ingman! Alice! Tracey! Mir! All in one room! And I'll be there, too, listening and loving it. You should come, too!

This amazing collection of toddler-friendly retro video clips from Dutch could keep me glued to the screen for days.

Ayun Halliday has a food blog, and it's yummy to look at. It hasn't actually led to me cooking more, but we've been eating more sushi and Thai food than usual.

You'll have to listen to it to understand, but this NPR interview with the authors of two graphic novels about cancer made my day. Hearing Brian Fie, who chronicled his mother's cancer experiences, say he wrote the real story, not one that's uplifting and brave and inspirational, because "we're not that kind of people," made me feel oddly uplifted and inspired by his brave and stark honesty.