Why Girls Don't Run
posted by Amy

Jody at Raising WEG has been to Payless Shoes and is mad as hell that girls aren't offered shoes they can run in or, for that matter, shorts that cover more than an inch or their thighs. Read her excellent post, which hits on important points such as how class affects what our daughters' clothing choices are, here.

I'm right there with you, Jody, especially after having two boys first and then a daughter. For a while, she wore their outgrown clothes, but these days her brothers' clothes are worn to shreds before they make it down the line to her. This year, I tried buying Josie shorts at Target, but I can't help being bothered by how much of her is on view in them. (Ever tried to sit cross-legged in short shorts?) Dresses with bike shorts under them are her preferred clothing choices right now, which is fine by me. I'm resigning myself to maybe spending more on buying her clothes at REI or Land's End or Hanna Andersson if I have to (and to doing laundry much more frequently, since she'll have to have far fewer items of clothing if we go that more expensive route.)

Things have been a little easier on the shoe front, at least so far. Our kids' schools all have shoe rules which boil down to: kids need to wear shoes they can run and jump and play in. We do Tevas, too, since river play requires tough water shoes. I notice, though, that while I take the boys to pick out their own shoes, I've rarely done that with Jo. Instead, I search on my own and narrow it down to a few choices, show them to her on the computer, and let her pick that way. If I had triplets and they all needed shoes, I doubt I'd have the time to do that, though, since it requires taking the wrong sizes back and spending more for her shoes than I do for her brothers'. Should it be this hard to buy our daughters clothes and shoes they can live active and full lives in? (And should this many smart women have to spend this much of our lives thinking about this crap?) Well, duh. Of course not.