Babies in the Workplace


posted by Sheri

Schools Financial Credit Union offers a very progressive program for new parent employees—both in their branches and back office—called Babies in the Workplace. Moms and dads agree to return to work eight weeks after the birth of their child (or ten weeks for c-sections), and if they do, they can bring their babies with them until the child reaches six months or is crawling, whichever comes first. Nope, there's no daycare. Parents just bring their babies to work and balance childcare with their job duties.

Babies play, sleep, and coo in the parent's workspace, where moms and dads are allowed one piece of equipment, be it a swing, Moses basket, or bouncy seat. Schools' Human Resources team is very supportive of the program and gives parents constant reminders that the baby is their first priority even over work. Most participating parents seem to find the balancing act a challenge at first, but because they're grateful to be able to have more time (not to mention save all that money on childcare) with their new one, they ease into a routine that works for them. Other employees enjoy having new babes in their work environment and find they break up the monotony a bit, especially of some of those must-have work meetings.

The work world needs to come up with more creative solutions for parents. Babies in the Workplace is a win-win for the employees and the employers who get their employees back to work quickly and with a lot less heartache. Thank you, Schools for leading the way.

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Photo courtesy of Tennille Hopper: Joni Scott, Schools' Planning & Corporate Development Manager, and her new son Cristian at work.