Tales of a Fifth-Grade Reunion
posted by Amy

I spent the weekend in Napa with Denise, Mellissa, and Jennifer, three friends I've known since the fifth grade. Native Californian that I am, I'd never done the wine-tasting weekend thing before, but I'm definitely a convert now.

For one thing, as Denise pointed out, everyone in Napa is happy. Okay, so maybe our sample was a little small; after all, we mostly saw people pouring us wine and people drinking the wine. And maybe, just maybe, some of those folks, like us, were simply thrilled to sleep through the night and have some uninterrupted conversations with adults. All I know is that 24 hours into the trip, I thought, "Hey! What's this strange feeling, this sense that all my muscles are somehow NOT tensed up and I'm just kind of floating along? Why, I remember this feeling: this is what it's like to be relaxed!" (And no, I hadn't had any wine yet that day, thankyouverymuch.)

Of course, a big reason for that sense of relaxation was the good company. It's been years since I've seen these three women, but it turns out that if you knew each other during those days of crank-calling people and playing games of truth or dare in Mellissa's hot tub, you can pick right up where you left off. We didn't actually crank call anyone, but we definitely giggled like schoolgirls. As my mom said later, her friends from elementary school and high school are a kind of family, one that forms a different part of her history than her actual family does, and she's come to value that more and more each year. I'm with her on this one.

I'd tell you more, but what happens in Napa stays in Napa. I'll leave with this pearl of wisdom: It's lovely to flip a bitch while drinking your LPR. (What? It was a fifth-grade reunion, folks. There HAD to be an inside joke in there somewhere.) Yosemite 2007, here we come! (Or San Luis Obispo. Or, you know, Bali.)