Real Feminism
posted by Amy

When Bitch Ph.D. writes stuff like this, I remember again why we started mamazine.com.

In this excerpt from a speech she gave recently, Bitch writes:

Real feminism, I think, has always recognized that the stories of real women's real lives--the kinds of things that many people want to dismiss as "just your problem" or "oh, quit complaining," or "you have it really good, you know, compared to coal miners/women in Afghanistan/Chinese sweatshop laborers" (and let's not even get into the implicit classism and racism involved in trying to undermine feminism by pitting it against poor people or brown people)--real feminism has always recognized that these stories do matter, and that, when we tell them, we find out that it isn't just our own, individual problem, that it isn't just complaining, and that some of the difficulties we have actually have a lot in common with the difficulties of workers who don't have many options for decent pay or safe working conditions, or with women whose social status is so low that they don't have the right to appear in public. Those problems, like the problems feminism identifies, aren't just personal; they aren't just the result of "bad choices" or "the way things are" or "women's need for protection." Instead, what we begin to realize once we tell our stories is that we aren't alone, that our experiences are shaped, in part, by social structures that we don't control or even always see, and that these structures, which are after all created by people, can be changed.

Damn right.