Hey, What Did Everybody Do for 4/20?
posted by Sheri

I do remember hearing about this very special day of the pot smoker, but it seems like I didn't hear about it until college. Or God, maybe it wasn't until my best friend started running a teen drug and alcohol program in our mid 20s. Maybe I'm too old or maybe I was too stoned when I was young enough (or more likely too stoned and too obsessed with Madonna).

Anyway, Marion Winik lays it all out in this past week's NPR commentary. Take a listen.

Honestly, 4/20 is the least of my premature someday-I'll-have-a-teenager worries. Right now, I'm much more worried about My Space. God, I could've gotten into some serious trouble with cell phones and text messaging, let alone My Space. It was the luck of my own inaccessibility that I didn't get into more trouble than I did. Just think, no matter where I was (eating a well-balanced school lunch, studying hard in the library, spending my free time picking up litter—yeah right!), my bad news friends could've found me and told me where the trouble was at. I could have found the trouble every time instead of just some of the time.

Maybe today's teens, and hopefully yours and mine, will use their new techy powers for good instead of evil. Ya think?