Mama Bravery
posted by Sheri

I know it may seem strange from a fairly social person who edits a mama webzine, but I am still deathly afraid of other parents outside my social circle, which is small and mostly consists of a few lifelong girlfriends and family members. Last weekend, we attended (and survived and even enjoyed!) our "neighborhood egg hunt and brunch" that was swarming with those parent people. Somehow, interacting is so much easier from in here, inside the computer.

Anyway, my son has been talking about this Nathan boy for a few weeks now. He wants to go to his birthday party if he ever has one. He wants him to come play at our house. He says he is really nice and that they play at school. But, of course, in today's parenting world, I can't just get away with inviting the kid over. I have to engage his parent(s). Make friends, in essence, with these people who I'm deathly afraid of for no apparent or real reason besides my own insecurity and ridiculous need to stereotype and fear other parents. Nothing sends more fear through me than this.

But I am proud to say that yesterday Clyde finally pointed out Nathan who happened to be going to the car with his mom. I moved quickly and introduced myself, engaged in a little conversation, and DID NOT DIE. She even said, "We should get these boys together." I felt like I was in third grade again and one of the big girls asked me to play on her side of the playground. Happy I could maybe help my boy build a friendship (and if I'm lucky, maybe even get to know another mama of a three-year old boy to connect with).

Hmmm, I wonder if I can go on the Tyra show with THIS fear. Hell, she's done dolphins, clowns, and even fear of pennies and styrofoam so far. Mamaphobia seems next in line. I'm going to give her a ring.