Happy Cesar Chavez Day!


posted by Amy

I don't usually get holidays off when they happen--Presidents' Day and the rest get rescheduled so that we get time off around Christmas and spring break and, you know, SUMMER, which is fine by me--so today is like a gift. Chip's off work, Josie is off school, and so am I. I'm off to meet Chip and Josie at my grandmother's in a minute, where my cousin is cutting Chip's hair and Josie is playing with my cousin's baby, Avery Jane (the reigning queen in our family and clearly the smartest, funniest, most beautiful baby on earth, thank you very much). I get to have lunch with my family and catch up on laundry AND paper grading--who could ask for anything more, except perhaps some links?

Hooray for Good Morning America, which today aired a thoughtful, intelligent segment about mothers and the choices we make about work and family (thanks in no small part to the many emails they received from NOW members and others who were saddened and frustrated by the inflammatory Mommy Wars segments which preceded this most recent one. Watch it and be hopeful for the future--and know that your voices matter.

Andrea Buchanan notes that she, Miriam Peskowitz, and Barbara Ehrenreich will be on CSPAN2's Book TV tomorrow. Also, you can listen to Andi and Miriam's interview on NPR via the link on the Mother Shock blog.

Elizabeth is asking what we mean by "middle class" these days. I'm intrigued by the comment that high-speed internet access and a computer at home might be a new requirement for middle class, since issues of access to technology are a big problem for the college students I teach, most of whom come from working-class families.

Over on Slate, Emily Bazelon writes about breast pumps (don't miss the slideshow of breast pumps throughout history). I swear the soundtrack of Henry's first months was the hospital-grade pump we rented as he tried to figure out how to latch on. My nipples hurt just thinking about it. Bazelon finds herself wondering if pumping is worth it if it means she's away from her child more because of the time she has to take to pump at work.

Grups? Really? I dunno...the expensive strollers and jeans that cost about as much as we pay for daycare each month are seriously absent from my life. The spouse and I did identify with two things: not wanting to manage or be managed, and not feeling like there's such a thing--yet--as "our" music and the kids' music.

A must-read, however, is The subject on the minds of many high-powered, educated, even feminist Bay Area women: how did they end up as stay-at-home moms?

Finally, Anne Lamott has spoken in Let's have a revolution! Does July 14 work for you? She continues, "Leave your cellphone, bring some fruit, and protest--with kindness--what has happened to our country." I'm all for it. Who's in?