All Libby Lu'd and Nowhere to Go
posted by Sheri

Via Phantom Scribbler and Angry Pregnant Lawyer, I came across this Post piece on the eerie Libby Lu trend.

Last summer, I went to my then four-year old niece's ballet recital (too cute! too cute!) and found myself appalled by the group of six-year olds who had gotten all Libby Lu'd up before the show. They had glitter head to toe, eye makeup, blush, hair extension thingys. Now why do I, a person who wore more makeup in year 14, than in all the years since find this so frightening? Well, for one, they were six! And for two, these particular little darlings walked differently, danced differently, and acted differently than every other girl in the ballerina line up, and it scared the hell out of me. I wanted to pull my niece aside and give her a quick and dirty feminism overview, point out all the reasons that it's too soon to want that kind of attention, and cry about the sex-obsessed whole world that awaits our bright girl children.

But then I breathed, and I appreciated my niece's clean, beautiful skin and naturally pink cheeks, and I vowed to be the kind of Auntie that can be understanding yet remain solid in my beliefs without placing judgement in the case that she ever shows up at my place caked in enough makeup and glitter to choke a horse.

And don't get me started on the disposable income part of this here trend. Sigh. There's not enough time in this day to take on that one. Read Angry Pregnant Lawyer for more on that.