Have Student Loans, Can't Afford Kids
posted by Amy

Student Debts, Stunted Lives examines the effects of the enormous debts many students will carry for decades after graduating from college:

The most important consequence of the financial hole the Margo Alperts are in, thanks to their education, is that many of them are going to be childless. Many others will have one child at most. How can a young couple, each with $40,000 or $50,000 of debt, think of having three or four kids? They will have to wait until they are in their late 30s to have a family and by then, when they think of college costs, they will feel compelled to limit themselves to one child.

If you found South Dakota state senator Bill Napoli's comments (scroll down) about when it would be acceptable for a woman to have an abortion objectionable, you're not alone. Take heart, though--now you can call him and let him know how you feel!

Miriam Peskowitz talks with Mojo Mom; listen to the podcast here.

Like many of you, I'm fascinated by Caitlin Flanagan, who, like the founders of Total 180!, makes a living celebrating the life of the SAHM and happy housewife. Sure, she had a full-time nanny for the twins, and yes, that is a housekeeper you spy in the background, but that's okay, because she feels guilty about it. Read more here. By the way, Brain, Child has an excellent review of Flanagan's new book in the latest issue.

Finally, Parent Hacks has a post up with links to free audio versions of kids' books, including many by the wonderfully funny Robert Munsch. If you've only read Love You Forever, check out his other works, as that book isn't representative of his humor and general feel for what makes kids laugh. (And if you're inclined, as I was, to think Love You Forever is a little saccharine, read the story of how it came to be written.)