School Car Line Road Rage?
posted by Amy

School Car Line Rage: It's Very Real, which I found after reading Flea's blog, sums up why Kid #2 goes, and Kid #3 will soon be going, to the school down the street, the one we can walk to, rather than to the school Kid #1 goes to, the one where every single kid gets picked up by car because the district cut busing two years ago. It's a magnet school, so most kids don't live anywhere near it and have to go by car.

Are we really keeping Kid #2 out of this magnet school just because of the craziness of drop-off and pick-up? Well, not entirely. We're kind of sold on the benefits of the neighborhood school these days, especially since most of our two younger kids' friends live in the neighborhood and will go to the nearby school. After all, we bought this house because it was near a decent school--and then ended up being swayed by the promises of the magnet school. (Okay, fine: I'm a little disillusioned. GATE used to be all about art and music and drama and enrichment back in the, you know, good ole days. Now it's just all about accelerated curriculums. Blah.) But I'm definitely glad we're almost done at that other school; one more year, and Kid #1 can take the bus to junior high.