The March MMO is up!
posted by Amy

It's my last day of spring break, and I'm celebrating in style. Chip went to Tahoe for the night with his friends, the kids went off to spend the night with my mom, stepdad, aunts Meghan and Catherine and uncles Jeff and Will (Hooray for having a huge family, all in town! Hooray for having the only grandchildren so far!), and I went to dinner with another brother, Matt, and my soon-to-be-sister-in-law Teresa (Can I get another hooray here?) and enjoyed talking without kids bugging Uncle Matt to let them play his Nintendo.

Matt and Teresa just moved much closer to us--they used to live a whole ten minutes away, and now they're five minutes away--and we drive down their street every time we go to the grocery store. A few days ago, as we drove by, Henry said, "Mom? Can you just drop me off at Uncle Matt's house while you go to the store?" Oh, I thought, how sweet. I explained that Uncle Matt was at work right then, to which Henry replied, "Yeah, but his video games are still at home, aren't they?" I suspect that when he finds out their upcoming wedding won't feature video games he may be disappointed.

Anyway. What was I saying? Are you all still here? Oh, yeah--so then I came home and spent the night all alone in my own house. Some of you are reading this and wishing you could throw knives at me, you're so green with envy. I know. I used to hate people who would talk about seeing movies in the theater or finishing books because I was so fucking jealous. But it's been seven years, people!

I was one of those people who lived pretty happily by myself in my twenties; when Chip and I met, I proposed living in a duplex for a while--he and Vincent could be on one side, I could be on the other--just so I could ease back into life in a family (remember, I'm the oldest of many kids AND an introvert who needs lots of time alone to read and think, so my wariness was understandable).

So I know you're saying, "Amy, please tell us what you did with all your free time? Did you dance naked around the house? Drink gin and tonics? Watch trashy movies?" Unfortunately, my life isn't nearly that exciting. I did the laundry for Josie's preschool (parent work hours, baby!), watched some more of Season 1 of Veronica Mars, drank a whole beer in less than two hours, tried to eat peanut butter fudge ice cream even though it was very disappointingly NOT fudge ice cream with peanut butter in it but rather peanut butter ice cream with fudge in it (not. right.), read some blogs, and fell asleep with my book on my chest and the light on. Do I know how to party or what?

Now I'm reveling in reading the whole paper without having to share with Chip (I AM that petty, yes) and in not having to make breakfast for anyone but myself. Of course, I'm already counting the minutes until the kids come home, and I have a bunch of newspaper articles set aside to show Chip when he gets home later today.

If I could, I'd sit here for the next hour reading everything on the MMO. (Insert another hooray here for Judith Stadtman Tucker, who seems to outdo herself every month.) However, after cutting about twenty pounds of hair off my head, I have to go put some product in it and figure out how to have short hair again. (My favorite comment so far about my haircut came from Henry's wonderful and amazing teacher, who said, "Oh, it just takes years off of you! You look like you're in your early thirties!" Since I just turned 35 and still get asked if my mom is home when telemarketers call, I was a little underwhelmed by this compliment.)

After I get this whole hair thing figured out, I'm off to sit in the sun, eat a hot dog and those nachos with the yummy fake cheese, and watch my brave six-year-old face the Little League pitching machine (that's not a euphemism; they actually use a machine to pitch to the kids). He's got a stance that would make his great-grandfather cry with pride and joy and which may have that effect on his Uncle Matt. I can't wait to see what unfolds--and later tonight, when the kids are asleep, you can bet I'll be catching up on the MMO.